Sewing Plans: Next in line, please step up!

In my last post, I talked about planning in 2 week chunks of time (usually called sprints, for us nerds). So this post is my plan for the next 2 weeks and what I'm going to sew.

1. Sew Sunny Dress

The Sunny Dress is up next. I've got it altered and ready for a wearable muslin. Because it's a knit dress, I could skip the muslin, but I have some concerns about the pattern and my alterations, so I'm going to do a muslin. I'll do more about all that in another post.

Friday Pattern Co. - Sunny Dress (PDF)
Friday Pattern Co. - Sunny Dress (PDF)

2. Design Sunny Dress Hack

Assuming that I get the Sunny dress to fit by next Monday or so, I'm going to start working on a hack for it. This is what I will actually submit for the #sewMyStyle2018. It's inspired by a Torrid dress, but I'm going to modify it so I can wear a bra with it. I doubt I'll have time to get it cut out even, but I want to at least have the pattern pieces ready to go.

Torrid Lattice Front Dress
Torrid Lattice Front Dress

3. Defining 3D Capsule Wardrobe (for 1 hour)

I want to identify items in my current wardrobe, me-made and RTW, that will work in the 3D capsule. If it doesn't, I'm going to give myself permission to donate it. I also want to start identifying gaps that my wardrobe has. This will be an ongoing process, but I'm going to commit to spend 1 hour on this.

4. 3D Capsule Wardrobe - Color Palette

I'm going to also start identifying colors for this capsule. I'm going to do a round up of good articles on wardrobe colors and define my own color palette. (This will actually be a prerequisite to getting my stash organized and tracked.)

5. Make my husband some PJ pants for his birthday

Ok, so this doesn't fit in any category of my planning exactly, but I have some TMNT and KU fabric (two of his favorite things) so I thought I'd work them up into PJs as his gift. I am the first to admit that I don't do selfless sewing very often, so if I don't make it to this, I reserve the right to go buy a gift card! 😀

Because I'm starting a little late with this one, I'm going to be short a day or two, but I think I can still get this done by Jan 13. Let the fun begin!

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