Outfit Along 2015 – Sweater Complete!

Vianee Sweater completed!
Vianne Sweater completed!

Well, the Outfit Along 2015 is over and I didn't quite get it finished. I didn't get the dress part of it done (1 failed adjustment and 5 shirt muslins, but no finished outfit). However, I did get the sweater knitted for it and I'm so excited about it. So. EXCITED! I can't believe I successfully knitted my first sweater, gauge modification and everything.

I haven't put the buttons on yet, but details, details. I plan on wearing it open, like I do most of the cardigans I own. But again, let's focus on the happy bit: I finished it!

Sweater Front
Sweater Front

I really love it and it's very warm (taking these pictures in 90+ degree heat confirmed that). My gauge was off from the pattern's gauge, both row and stitch, so I had to modify a couple places and wing it in a couple places. I'm sure there's ways to not have to wing it, but I didn't know what they were. I'll be putting these things on a list to try to do better next time.

The biggest area I felt unsure about was the sleeves. Because my row gauge was off, I didn't have the same number of stitches as the pattern. Fortunately, it was a higher count, so I wasn't too worried about it fitting. I increased more often than the pattern called for until I was at the number of stitches I needed for my gauge and then followed again from there. It worked ok, although the sleeves seem a little weird in the shoulders.

The only other major thing I'm adding to the list is an FBA. Since this is a cardigan, I can wear it open and it's alright, but if I do a full sweater, I will definitely need to know how to do it. I've got the Craftsy class Knit to Flatter with Amy Herzog. I've watched it before, but I think it will make more sense now that I've knitted a sweater.

Sweater Back
Sweater Back

The back of the sweater had a mesh on it that I liked. I also was reading in the Ravelry forums for this and many were talking about elminiating the mesh and just doing a knitted back. I like that I can do that option as well, know that I'm more familiar with doing gauge mods.

I can't wait to do another sweater, but it's down the list of projects. For now, I'm on to other sewing projects and finishing up the mate to a mate-less sock. One final shot, just for fun!

Sweater Side
Sweater Side

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